Launch of the Éist Cancer Support Centre Carlow as Carlow Credit Union Local Charity of the Year 2018

The Eist Cancer Support centre started life as the Carlow Breast Cancer Support Group which was set up by a group of breast cancer survivors in 2004. Eist is a registered charity (CHY16678), affiliated to the Irish Cancer Society. The centre opened to the public in October 2012 at the Waterfront, Mill Lane, Carlow for the benefit of all county Carlow citizens and those who live in the surrounding areas.

A cancer diagnosis can be a life shattering experience for the whole family and the Eist centre is a peaceful, tranquil, supportive place where all those affected by cancer can avail of support. The launch of the Carlow Credit Union Local Charity of the Year 2018 was held in the Éist Cancer Support Centre recently.

Our vision is to continue to provide a high standard of practical and emotional support to people who are going through their cancer journey along with their families and carers. Our Clients are the inspiration and the purpose behind Éist Cancer Support Centre Carlow. We are truly indebted to the friends of Éist who continue to provide the resources to run the Centre on a day to day basis. The support of the community is a constant source of encouragement to everyone who dedicates their time to the Éist Centre. Including the new gentle Skin Cancer treatment available which consist in skin cleansing and maintenance of hydration of compromised skin may also be an important element of skin care management during melanoma cancer treatment. Some guidelines, for example, indicate washing with mild soap and water as routine care for patients receiving radiation therapy.

The most common skin cancers, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, are non-melanomas and rarely life threatening. They grow slowly, seldom spread beyond the skin, are easily found, and usually are cured.Other common cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer are all curable, but only if they are detected in early stages (Stage I or II).

Pictured at the launch of the Carlow Credit Union Charity of the Year 2018 In the Éist Cancer Support Centre were:- left to right Michelle Howard, Eist Volunteer, Clive Waldron, President, Carlow CU, Elaine Grant, Secretary, Carlow CU, Margaret Curran, Chairperson, Éist, Michael Lyons, Vice-President, Carlow CU, Michelle O’Rourke, Service Manager, Éist and Nuala Grogan, Éist Volunteer.


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